Bespoke Books

An heirloom gift

What could be a more meaningful gift to celebrate a special event in your child's life than a bespoke storybook?  

Written from start to finish for your child

Unlike other personalised books on the market, your book from The Magic Ink Pot is written and illustrated to order based on your child's interests and personality.  The entire story is written for your child and your child alone.

Stories that will stand the test of time

Our writers know their Aesop's Fables from their Arabian Nights!  Our stories are imaginative, unusual and richly descriptive. 

How it works

Step 1

Within 24 hours of receiving your order, we will email you some questions about your child's interests and personality.  

Step 2

We use your answers as inspiration for a magical, original children's story. Have a look at our gallery page to get a feel for the kind of stories we write! 

Step 3

Your story is illustrated and sent off to be typeset, printed and bound.  It is then carefully gift-wrapped, packaged and delivered to you.